Half Dome is probably the most famous landmark of Yosemite. There was never an "other half." Half Dome was carved by an ancient glacier slicing through the Yosemite Valley.
This shot shows how Half Dome gets its name. It faces the Yosemite Valley to the left. This picture is taken from Glacier Point.

Another picture of Half Dome from Glacier Point. This one shows the sheer cliff of Half Dome much better.
Here is a shot of Half Dome from Yosemite Valley. From the Merced River, to be exact. The bridge on the left is Sentinel Bridge.
Another shot of Half Dome and Sentinel Bridge.


Here is a view of Half Dome that most Yosemite visitors do not get to see. Half Dome is the pointy little bump near the center of these pictures. It faces right. These shots are taken from Olmstead Point, on Highway 120 (Tioga Road) north of the Valley.

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