Glacier Point provides a good view of the Yoesmite Valley from the top. You can clearly see Half Dome, Yosemite Fall, Nevada Fall, Vernal Fall, the Merced River, the Valley floor, among other things. It is also very accessible by car. Unlike Yosemite Point or the top of Half Dome, which requires some heavy-duty hiking.
What better way to start the Glacier Point pictures than a sign that says so? This picture also has a nice shot of Half Dome in the back. The Half Dome profile is the most striking landmark from Glacier Point.

Here is a shot of the Nevada and Vernal Falls from Glacier Point. The Half Dome profile is on the left, off the picture. Nevada Fall is the bigger fall at the center of this photo. Vernal Fall is a much smaller fall, at about the 7 o'clcok position from Nevada Fall. Both falls are part of the Merced River, which eventually flows down into the Valley floor.
Here is closer shot of the Nevada and Vernal Falls. I don't have a zoom on my camera. The original photograph has a much smaller version of these two falls. I cropped out just this area and enlarged it for this website.

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